Welcome to the New Impact Coach

Introducing Impact Coach: Your Gateway to Transformative Career and Leadership Coaching in the Social Impact Sector!

Imagine having a personal cheerleader for your career, someone who's not just there to root for you but to offer tailored advice and insider tips that propel you forward in the world of social impact. That's exactly what Impact Coach is all about – it's the bridge connecting social impact professionals with the coaching services they need to excel. Whether you're aiming to break into the sector or seeking to climb higher on the ladder, Impact Coach streamlines the process of finding the perfect coaching match, ensuring that you're not just moving, but leaping forward in your career and leadership journey.

But why choose Impact Coach over anything else?

Because here, it's not just about career growth; it's about aligning your personal values with your professional aspirations to make a real difference. With a curated selection of specialist coaches who understand the nuances of the social impact world, from nonprofit organizations to sustainability and social entrepreneurship, Impact Coach ensures that every session is a step towards not just personal but global transformation.

And it's not just about the one-on-one coaching; members gain access to an Opportunity Calendar filled with over 500 fellowships and funding opportunities, live sessions with industry experts, and exclusive discounts on major events and courses. This isn't just coaching; it's a comprehensive ecosystem designed to support your mission-driven work with the most effective strategies and insights.

So, are you ready to embrace change, actively seek feedback, and join a network of like-minded professionals all striving for impact? Impact Coach is here to turbocharge your career and leadership potential in the social impact sector. It's time to maximize your impact with coaching that's tailored just for you, offering the unique blend of guidance, resources, and community you need to thrive. Join Impact Coach today and transform not just your career, but the world around you, one coaching session at a time.


- Nick and Caroline!