Lauren Goldberg

Lauren Goldberg

Lauren Goldberg

Bye, Career Identity Crisis. Find & Pursue What Lights You Up 🌟
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About Lauren

Lauren Goldberg (she/her/they) is a Self-Discovery & Confidence Coach helping social impact professionals navigate out of Career Identity Crises and find ways to use your career to create a better world, even if you don’t know how yet. Working together, you’ll focus on finding work environments that fit you and advocating for your non-negotiable needs.

Lauren’s goal is to help emerging leaders break free from traditional models of leadership, which are deeply routedΒ in systems of oppression, supremacy culture,Β and what she calls Toxic Professionalism. She will help you embrace your own style of kind, compassionate, and bold leadership - no matter where you are in your career. You’ll take action to be an impactful leader without sacrificing your own wellbeing or kindness.

She is proudly disabled and neurodivergent. She gladly shows off her decorated hearing aids, blogs and speaks on her perspective through a disability justice lens. She’s a proud cat mom, a life-long athlete, and has been known to hold down a dance floor (even by herself!).

Lauren tells clients: β€œAs your coach, I am your disco ball. I reflect your light back to you so you can see it, enjoy it, and let it guide you.”

Since launching her coaching practice in 2020, Lauren has helped jobseekers, employees, and entrepreneurs worldwide transform their decision-making process and mindset through 1:1 sessions, group workshops, and webinars. More recently, Lauren has incorporated rapid changework techniques into her coaching. These methods, backed by neuroscience, disrupt unconscious patterns and habits of thought, allowing new habits and beliefs to take root.

Prior to launching her coaching practice, she specialized in employee experience, motivation, and organizational culture in HR and Customer Success roles at mission-driven organizations. Lauren is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and coaches other social impact business owners as well.



"Lauren is one of the most encouraging people I've ever met! Lauren challenged me to think deeply about things, and to take some risks. However, she did that within a framework of support and enthusiasm, so I never felt bad about the things I *wasn't* doing, or the things I hadn't tried yet.

Lauren had asked me to revise my goals for the summer. I had a strong sense, based on our work together, about how I wanted to spend my time. As the summer is coming to a close, I look back on the last three months and feel nothing but joy and satisfaction. Β I've spent quality time with my husband and each of my children. Β I've spent time with friends. Β I've tried many new things, just for fun. Β I've had time to myself. Β I've contributed to my community in a very meaningful way.


I attribute a large part of my enormous satisfaction with my new life choices to my work with Lauren.Β I literally get up every day feeling motivated, energized, and ready to make positive change in the world.

I really can't thank you enough!"

Alison L. | Previous Client

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