Mercy Githanji

Mercy Githanji

Mercy Githanji

Transitions: Navigating change with Confidence

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  • Global Development
  • Food Security
  • Social Enterprise

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"I had the awesome opportunity to tap into Mercy's expertise as a professional coach during a very vulnerable time in my life when I could not make any sense of what do do with my career. I engaged Mercy hoping she would tell me what to do because I was so confused and frustrated. I was so impressed by the coaching sessions we had, Mercy helped me to critically think through the things that were happening in my life, she guided me to organize my thoughts and feelings until I could come up with clear next steps and decisions about what I needed to do.The sessions were engaging and fun, Mercy has a fantastic sense of humor, she is so attentive and incredibly calm an patient. I am looking back a year from now and I am so pleased with the progress that I have made. I recently started a new role in my career, a sign of growth and great progress. Thank you Mercy."

Jackie Jena | Previous Client

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