Romina Laouri Faulb

Romina Laouri Faulb

Romina Laouri Faulb

Coaching leaders and teams - at all levels of an organization - to be more resourceful, grounded and wise as they navigate the ever-changing, challenging circumstances of work and the world.
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  • Global Development
  • Government Agencies
  • Social Enterprise

About Romina

Romina Laouri Faulb (she/her) has spent the last 15 years working in social innovation, design, and education. Her work is focused on building strong communities based on trust and collaboration. Romina has been building networks for social impact around the world and have worked with entrepreneurs and innovators of all ages, ranging from young people to business executives.

Romina is an expert facilitator and loves working with individuals, teams, and companies in supporting them in their learning journey as changemakers and innovators in their respective fields. She brings human-centered design and innovation into her work and is driven by a deep passion for supporting people to achieve their full potential; whether that is in their careers or personal lives.

Romina brings all of her experiences and wisdom into her coaching practice. Her coaching approach is focused in integral coaching. Integral coaching is an ongoing, evolving methodology intended to be the most comprehensive response to human life. Her practice gathers wisdom from the East, the West, and current discoveries in science and other disciplines.

Romina is committed to helping her clients break through the obstacles that seem to be holding them back both in their professional and personal lives. Life's too short to be unhappy, unsure, or unfulfilled.

Romina has redesigned her own life to think differently about work, collaboration, and innovation and continues to challenge her personal development and growth.

When not working, Romina loves to swim, read, and eat chocolate. These days, she is experimenting with new hobbies and activities including aerial and kundalini yoga, coloring, skiing, and running.



"Romina is incredible. I gained so many insights throughout my time with her. I view my relationship with time very differently now and have transformed as a manager and leader on my team. She always approaches our sessions with a sense of curiosity to know me deeply and encourage my curiosity and growth. She asks hard questions, but never judges. I would recommend Romina to all my colleagues and friends at a personal or professional inflection point--especially women in their early to mid-careers".

Olivia O. | Previous Client

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