Simone Anzböck

Simone Anzböck

Simone Anzböck

Coaching global professionals in social impact to advance their careers with confidence. 

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  • Global Development
  • Social Enterprise
  • Multilateral Organizations

About Simone

Ever felt like you're navigating uncharted waters in your international career? With over 500 coaching hours and 15 years in social impact, Simone Anzböck (she/her) supports international professionals in designing work they love and coaches them to make it possible.

For some people, a career transition can be a significant identity shift. Imagine turning that into landing your dream role or finding your unique leadership style after a promotion. That's some of the results Simone's clients achieve.

Simone coaches professionals to understand what they want and design a clear roadmap, even if they don't know where to begin. She uses a 4-pillar methodology that blends coaching techniques with strengths science, positive psychology, and intuition training. So her clients have the self-belief and motivation to make it happen.

Connecting to and trusting yourself is crucial to succeeding in a dynamic world. Simone coaches leaders in discovering new ways of working, managing stress, and harnessing their strengths. She employs mental fitness training and guided visualisation techniques to build her clients' confidence, resilience, and performance. Simone has coached professionals from the World Bank, entrepreneurs, academia, NGOs, and the private sector. Simone shares insights through workshops, bite-sized courses, and blogs. She also regularly contributes her career expertise to Devex.

Simone led social impact projects worth up to $26 million, collaborating with entities like UNDP Myanmar, DAI Europe and AIESEC New Zealand. On a personal note, Simone lived and worked in over 15 countries, maintains a dual-nationality relationship and managed two major career transitions. In her free time, you'll find her swimming, learning Spanish or exploring the many parts of Europe.

She is based in London, UK, and coaches clients globally in English and German.

Get in touch to learn how she can help you with your career goals.



“I started the year in high-achiever mode: I was overcommitted at work, exceeding highly ambitious KPIs, yet I didn't feel energised or satisfied with the results. Simone has this unique gift of making you embrace transformational changes in a light and natural way.

I decided to move with the children to the country we considered home so we could live as a family. I also negotiated for job offers where I could work from our home location and travel to project sites. I am still amazed at how everything I had formulated as expectations came to be as we moved from one coaching session to the next."

Daniela Richter | Ghana | Previous client

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